Boomer Esiason once got high during ‘Monday Night Football’

Have you ever been at a game or a concert and smelled some weird smoke near you?

We're talking about, marijuana, of course.

Well, that happened to Boomer Esiason back in 2000 when he was calling a "Monday Night Football" game on the radio with Matt Millen. And apparently it was some pretty potent stuff because Esiason said he got high from it . . . during the broadcast.

The former QB and current broadcaster told the story Friday during his New York radio show "Boomer and Carlton" on WFAN. You're going to enjoy this tale:

"Now here's the deal. What you're saying, for some listeners or some viewers now that are listening to us for the first time, what you're saying is accurate. I did get high. I did. I didn't realize I was getting high when I got high, but I got high — and I have to tell you that it was one of the best broadcasts I've ever had."

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