MAC admits officiating mistakes

Cleveland, OH ( - Mid-American Conference officials admitted Wednesday to a pair of officiating errors in Tuesday's game between Buffalo and Ohio.

"After my analysis, there are two plays that I acknowledge were incorrect with how they were handled both on the field by our officials and in the replay booth," said MAC coordinator of officials Bill Carollo.

With 14:51 left in the second quarter Ohio's Matt Waters was ruled to have fumbled at the Buffalo 28-yard line. After a review, the play stood, but replays clearly showed the runner was down.

"The NCAA replay philosophy with regard to overturning plays on the field is that indisputable video evidence must be provided to overturn the ruling on the field," said Carollo. "The replay official felt this high standard was not met. However, after careful review the runner's right leg was down before the fumble. This play should have been ruled down and the fumble overturned with Ohio maintaining possession."

The most puzzling call came when officials ruled Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton was in the end zone during an intentional grounding penalty in the third quarter, leading to a safety.

Tettleton was three or four yards out when he released the ball, but did roll back into the end zone after throwing it. Since it wasn't a reviewable play, the safety stood.

"In review, the proper call was intentional grounding," said Carollo. "This play should not have resulted in a safety."

Buffalo won the game 30-3.