Pereira breaks down NFL Week 8 calls


Blimey. The 49ers have done it again.

San Francisco ran a hide out play, this time in Jolly old England, against the Jacksonville Jaguars only two plays into their game with the Jaguars at famous Wembley Stadium Sunday.

The 49ers did it two years ago on a field-goal attempt and ran it successfully and then they followed it up Sunday with another legal version on a regular scrimmage play.

Here was the situation: The 49ers had the ball, second-and-7 from their own 27-yard line with 14:24 left in the first quarter. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took one step back from center and fired the ball over to Bruce Miller who was standing near the sideline. Miller caught the ball in stride and took it 43 yards to the Jacksonville 30-yard line.

Here's what made it legal. Miller was in on the previous play, so having to be inside the numbers at some point did not apply on this play. That only applies to an incoming substitute. After the 49ers first play from scrimmage -- a 3-yard run by Frank Gore -- Miller acted like he was leaving the field, headed towards his team area but stopped and lineup up near the sideline. He lined up legally near the sideline.

If you are in front of your team area you cannot line up within five yards of the sideline. But if you're outside the boundary of the team area, you can line up next to the sideline. The team area is deemed to be from 32-to-32. Since this ball was snapped at the 24-yard line, he was not in front of the team area so it was legal.

As I said, San Francisco successfully ran this play a couple of years ago. They save it for certain situations to use as an element of surprise. Not only did the play work, but six plays later, it also led to the 49ers' first touchdown.

You have to give coach Jim Harbaugh and his crew credit, because they perfectly fooled not only the Jaguars, but probably the Brits, too.

Well done.

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