WS awards: Best & best from Game 2

Game 2 was a doozy that saw the Cardinals win 4-2 to even the Series with the Red Sox, but here are the game's real heroes.

Best use of entire face to show your team allegiance: This young Red Sox fan went all-out in support of his team. David Puddy would be proud. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to secure a Boston win or a ride home from any of his friends.

Best celebrity/athlete juxtaposition: Andy Garcia and David Ross are enjoying each other's company. Ross just finished telling the best joke, living up to his reputation as "the funniest guy on the team."

Best Jonny Gomes stick puppet: Complete with movable arms, enormous biceps, sunglasses, ski goggles and an army helmet, this decorated piece of cardboard made the Mike Napoli one next to it look like a kindergarten art project.

Best use of legs by a second baseman about to field a ground ball: Dustin Pedroia defies gravity as he bounces on the famous invisible trampoline hidden under the Fenway Park infield.

Best ... camera work : This camera man has an intensity that won't quit.

Best positioning by a pitcher backing up an errant throw to home who then hurls ball into stands: Craig Breslow uses his perfect positioning behind home plate to wing the ball to into a delirious Boston crowd.

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