Kick wins man car — and he says no

A former high school athlete going back to the old stomping grounds for one last shot at glory has been the basis for many a Hollywood movie. But in Southern California this past Friday, that script played out in real life.

And you can guess what type of ending it had.

During halftime of Simi Valley rivals Simi Valley High and Royal High, Invictus Igwe, who was a kicker / punter at nearby Kenney High in 2007 , took the field to participate in a football contest. The "kicker"? Make a 40-yarder and drive off with a 2014 Camaro.

He nailed it, all right -- and kicked off his shoe, to boot. But when it was over and the Chevy representatives were done hugging him, Igwe didn't actually drive off in the car. He opted for the other prize -- $20,000 in cash.

@SimiValleyChevy I actually took the $20,000 prize. The #Camaro was perfect, but paying off my debt to establish my life is priority!

-- Invictus Igwe (@InvictusIgwe) October 22, 2013 Gotta figure the cash has to help a guy in his mid-20s reportedly working at an Apple Store could sure use 20 grand to establish his life (minus whatever Uncle Sam takes, of course).

But he enjoys hanging out with FOX.

Ah!! BIG thank you to @FoxNews and @foxandfriends for having me on the air this morning!! It was an absolute pleasure!!!

-- Invictus Igwe (@InvictusIgwe) October 24, 2013

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