Beltran and Hunter, in one Photoshop

Carlos Beltran's highlight-reel catch in the second inning Wednesday night during Game 1 of the World Series had everyone immediately recalling Torii Hunter's valiant effort from Game 2 of the ALCS just 10 days earlier.

Like Hunter, Beltran was trying to save a potential grand slam from clearing the right-field wall at Fenway Park. Unlike Hunter, Beltran -- playing in his first-ever World Series game -- was successful and did not go tumbling into the Boston bullpen.

So we couldn't resist. Here are both moments brought together in the same frame. (Yes, we had to move Beltran from the actual spot on the fence where he caught the ball, which was further to the right than where Hunter infamously spilled.)

Though Beltran caught the ball, he didn't come out ahead. He had to leave the game after suffering a rib contusion on the play and was later taken to the hospital.

Between this catch, a crazy blown call reversal and an unfortunate mistake by the Cardinals infield, Game 1 got the World Series started off with plenty to talk about.

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