Kiffin gives first comments since firing

Lane Kiffin made his first public comments on Saturday since being unceremoniously ousted as USC football coach.

Kiffin accepted blame for what has transpired with the Trojans. After the team's 62-41 loss to Arizona State on Sept. 29, athletic director Pat Haden fired Kiffin as the team returned home .

"To have that taken away, it was very hard. It's been a very hard two weeks," Kiffin said.

It was an ugly end to a messy tenure that saw Kiffin finish 28-15 in just less than four years while the Trojans were under NCAA sanction. He was 4-7 in his final 11 games.

"Pat has a very hard job, and I understand an athletic director's job, being around the sport so long," Kiffin said. "Even though he may see what's going on on the inside and how hard it was to deal with the sanctions and our reduced roster, at the same time he has a lot of people to answer to."

Here's the full interview, and you can appreciate the Washington fans' taunts in the background: