Roy goes after Boudreau after game

As a player, Patrick Roy was known for his fiery temper. That rep followed him to the bench, as one of his teams took part in an infamous brawl in the minors. And things continued in his first game as an NHL head coach Wednesday night, as he tried to knock over a partition and appeared ready to trade blows with the opposing coach . . . after a 6-1 win .

So what's up for Game 2 of the season, eh?

First, watch how it all went down (the real fun comes at the end).

Video: Highlights: Ducks/Avalanche

Here's how it played out on the Avalanche broadcast.

After more than 59 minutes of Avalanche domination, a three-act drama ensued in the final moments that led to the wild closing scene. Here's how it unfolded:

1) Nathan MacKinnon was the first pick in the 2013 Draft and is currently the youngest player in the league. After he set up two of the Avalanche's half-dozen goals against the Ducks, Ben Lovejoy appeared to go knee-to-knee, perhaps shoulder-to-shoulder, with the rookie in the game's closing seconds. No penalty was called.

2) After the collision, the Ducks ended Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov's shutout bid with less than 10 seconds to play on a goal that could have been negated due to goalie interference. That was not called, either.

3) Wanting to protect his club's investment and claiming to respond to the Ducks sending out their fourth line, Roy sent out his fourth line for the final faceoff. That fourth line includes enforcers Patrick Bordeleau and Cody McLeod.

As you saw, the players on the ice tussled after the horn sounded, and Roy followed suit. So he took aim at opposing coach Bruce Boudreau, 11 years his senior, and tried to find a way to get at him.

Roy said he still was fired up about the hit on MacKinnon.

"That should have been a penalty, in my opinion. I don't think this league needs that type of cheap shot."

Perhaps the greatest irony of all? After the late-game no-calls that set him off, Roy was assessed a game misconduct penalty.

Was Roy really ready to scrap? Who knows? But this isn't his first go-round.

Who can ever forget this matchup between Roy, then with the Avalanche, and Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood in 1998.

Or Red Wings goalie Mike Vernon a year earlier.

Even Roy's son Jonathan has the fighter's blood in him, taking part in this Quebec Junior League fight in 2008 (Roy is in the red and green). Patrick was Jonathan's coach in that game -- Jonathan was suspended seven games, Patrick got five.

When Wednesday's festivities were over, Boudreau had some words of advice for the rookie coach.

"I didn't expect (Roy to react like) that. It's not our job to go back and forth with their players. All of a sudden, I told him, `That's bull, that's bush league,' and he did what he did.

"(He's) going to be in for a long year, if he's going to yell at every player and yell at the refs at every stoppage of play. It's not the way the game is played. . . . At the end, obviously we're frustrated. But I mean (he's) got Bordeleau and McLeod on the ice. Even if they start something, a coach has no right to start yapping at players."

The Bourdreau got one last line in at the 47-year-old Roy.

"He's not 25 anymore."