'Headless' weatherman sad about Reds

Jude Redfield is a meteorologist at WDRB in Louisville, Ky.

He also happens to be a pretty big Cincinnati Reds fan.

And on Wednesday morning, Redfield found himself so embarrassed by Cincinnati's wild-card loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday that he refused to show his face on TV.

No, really:

How did Redfield execute this bit of headlessness? A little TV magic, of course:

You can certainly sympathize with poor Redfield. After all, the Reds have won just five playoff games since their 1990 World Series title -- which, amazingly, is fewer in that span than the Pirates, whose playoff win last night was the team's first in 21 years.

But you'd think that, as a Western Kentucky fan , Redfield would be a little more accustomed to dealing with disappointment.

At least he'll always have a shoulder to cry on in Charlie Sheen: