Helmet fail: Longoria tips cap to Yanks pitcher

Evan Longoria hit two home runs in the Tampa Bay Rays' 8-3 win over the New York Yankees Wednesday, but his highlight of the night may have come on a pitch he couldn't have hit even if he wanted to.

In the top of the third inning, in his second at-bat of the game, Longoria took the first offering from Yankees starter Phil Hughes, in large part because he couldn't see it. Here are two gifs from Rays Index illustrating what I mean:

Amazingly, it's not the worst helmet malfunction we've seen. Sometimes the issues are simply aesthetic:

Serious helmet logo problems for Cubs pitcher Travis Wood tonight:

-- Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) June 26, 2012 We've also seen a guy foul a ball off his own helmet:

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We've seen backward helmets:

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We've seen bats broken over helmets:

And helmets broken by baseballs:

Shattered helmet

-- Sports Fail Pics (@SportsFailPics) July 3, 2013 Heck, we've even seen helmets save security guards:

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In Longoria's case, the embarrassment over his tipped lid wouldn't last long. He singled on the next pitch.