Rivera bobbleheads arrive late

It's been that kind of year for the Yankees.

The words "chaos" and "fiasco" should never be mentioned when it comes to Mariano Rivera, who is retiring as the all-time greatest closer at the end of the season.

But that wasn't the case on his Bobblehead Night at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, the third to last home game for the Pinstripes in 2013.

When the bobbleheads didn't arrive in time, thousands of fans were ushered through the ballpark gates empty-handed after they lined up extra early with hopes of being the one of the first 18,000 fans, who were expected to receive a Rivera bobblehead.

Instead, the first 18,000 fans were handed a voucher to pick up a bobblehead once they were on site.

Here's an exclusive pic of my new mariano Rivera bobblehead

-- IsaYankeeDiva (@IsaYankeeDiva) September 24, 2013

Welcome to Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Voucher Night.

-- Andy McCullough (@McCulloughSL) September 24, 2013

Total debacle at the #Yankees game tonight. They totally botched Mariano Bobblehead night. What a zoo! I'd expect better from them.

-- Ken Jacob (@devljacob) September 25, 2013

Not even the great Mariano Rivera could "save" the @Yankees from this fiasco of a bobblehead giveaway #bobbleheadgate

-- Josh Berger (@jcbergs) September 25, 2013

Apparently the delivery truck carrying the little Panamanian dolls broke down in New Jersey. Though according to Yankees Senior VP of Marketing Deborah Tymon, the shipment arrived at the stadium loading dock just after 6 p.m. ET. Tymon said, "everyone with a voucher will be receiving a bobblehead tonight."

Several Twitter posts claim it's been absolute chaos.

Chaos in the Bronx with tweets from @amandarykoff and @Zellyanks . Yikes. #deadspin #NYY #bobbleheads

-- Kelsey O'Donnell (@KelsODonnell) September 25, 2013

Irate people on this bobblehead line. Some even trying to get free tickets for their "suffering".

-- Robert Diaz (@robertdiaz) September 25, 2013

Shame on the Yankee organization for this unbelievably huge line to get a bobblehead

-- sharongolub (@sharongolub) September 25, 2013

Based on tweets, it appears it's good that my final Yankees game this year isn't on Bobblehead Debacle Night.

-- Keith Stewart (@thesportsstew) September 25, 2013

This fan finally received his bobblehead, but it took some time.

Update: bobblehead in hand. Total wait: hour and a half. @PeteAbe

-- A. Wesley Jones (@PinstripesNY) September 25, 2013

Maybe, the one and only Art Vandelay is to blame.

I'm sure George Costanza has some sort of explanation for Mariano Rivera bobblehead day not going as planned.

-- D.J. Short (@djshort) September 25, 2013

But let's be real. The Yankees should have waited until the ninth inning and given out the bobbleheads as "Enter Sandman" played over the stadium's sound system.