Fallout from bizarre ending at Arizona State a teaching moment for Andersen, No. 24 Wisconsin

Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen hopes the chaotic ending to last week's loss at Arizona State turns into a valuable lesson for his players.

The 24th-ranked Badgers (2-1) lost 32-30. The Pac-12 Conference this week reprimanded the officials, saying they did not act with enough urgency or properly handle the situation in the game's final seconds. Wisconsin was deprived an opportunity of a potential game-winning field goal.

The Badgers addressed the topic in a team meeting on Monday. Andersen said Tuesday it sounded like "everyone put it to bed."

Andersen said it's a life lesson and an opportunity to teach as a coach in moving on from tough situations. He also says it wouldn't deter him from taking Wisconsin to a Pac-12 road game again.

The Badgers host Purdue on Saturday.