Upstart Islanders practice in Brooklyn for 1st time as they get ready for move there in 2015

The New York Islanders rode the train from Long Island to Brooklyn — a trek they hope many of their fans will take once the club moves there in two years.

Training camp opened for the Islanders on Thursday at Barclays Center, which will become the team's new home for the 2015-16 NHL season. The Nassau Coliseum will be a distant memory for the Islanders as they leave the aging building for the first time since they entered the league in 1972.

"One word for it: beautiful," team owner Charles Wang said. "When you look at what is going on here, it's unbelievable. I am very happy as you can see from the smile."

He stopped short of comparing this day to other big ones in his life.

"I'm ecstatic today. Is it happier than the day I got married?" Wang asked, before an answer was drowned out by laughter. "You enjoy that moment. I have a big smile on my face."