Fan pays $115K for '12THMAN' plate

Despite joining the SEC just one year ago, Texas A&M fans are fitting right in with the craziest college football fans in the country .

On Thursday, one Aggies fan paid $115,000 at an auction for the rights to own a license plate labeled "12THMAN" for 10 years (after which it can be renewed for $795), plus getting the honor bestowed upon him or her at halftime of Saturday's game between No. 6 Texas A&M and No. 1 Alabama at Kyle Field. The winning bid crushed the previous state record for the sale of a license plate, which was $25,000 for "HOUSTON."

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Last year, the state of Texas passed a law allowing license plates to contain seven letters, with My Plates -- the state customized license plate contractor -- having the first rights to them.

We just hope the winning bidder didn't have to sell his or her car to come up with all that money. Wouldn't that be fitting?

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