Brazilian massage therapist jumps in to prevent goal in soccer game, gets chased out of stadium

Call him a surprise substitution.

The massage therapist for the Brazilian soccer team Aparecidence was run off the field Saturday after he blocked two goal-bound shots from crossing the line in the final minutes of a playoff game, Sky News reports.

A video shows the employee standing by the goalpost before he jumped in to help his side out, sprawling on the ground to make the saves. He then kicked the ball away from the goal, grabbed a bag of his supplies, and sprinted out of the stadium as players from the opposing team, Tupi, gave chase.

The game ended 2-2, but league rules state that Aparecidence will advance in the playoffs since they scored their goals as the away team, Sky News reports.

Officials from the Tupi team are planning to go to court to appeal the result.

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