Rutgers-Fresno State end first day of college football season with wild night cap

The final bit of business from the last game to end on the first night of the college football season came about 11½ hours after Fresno State beat Rutgers 52-51 in overtime.

An email from Fresno State notified the media that Derek Carr's stats had changed. Turns out the senior had been credited with one too many completions during his record breaking performance. Instead of 53 for 74 for 470 yards, he actually was 52 for 73 for 456 yards.

Finally, the book is closed on the Bulldogs and Scarlet Knights.

The game took 4 hours, 26 minutes, and was set to go even longer when Rutgers answered the Bulldogs' overtime touchdown with one of its own.

Instead of kicking for the tie, Rutgers went for 2 and failed.