Clubhouse battles between reporters and the players they cover are nothing new. But last night Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips interrupted manager Dusty Baker's pregame presser with a full-on verbal assault on one of the team's beat writers. Check it out below:

Video: Brandon Phillips unloads on a reporter

Now, what apparently sparked the tirade was C. Trent Rosecrans questioning Phillips about his on-base percentage. Baker moved Phillips, who has an .310 OBP this year but also has 95 RBI, into the two-hole. Minutes earlier, according to reports , Rosencrans asked Phillips about his fledgling OBP and Phillips didn't want to discuss it.

Reds go from a hitter with a .320 OBP in the 2 hole to one with a .310 OBP

-- ctrent (@ctrent) August 28, 2013 Asked about his move in the lineup, @DatDudeBP said he didn't want to talk about it

-- ctrent (@ctrent) August 28, 2013 Well in case you couldn't make out Phillips' response, here it is:

"Hey, Dusty, the fat m----- f----- on the end (of the couch) is worried about my on-base percentage," Phillips said. "Why don't you tell him you're having me bat eighth though he is worried about my on-base percentage. Fat m----- f----- over there. Make him happy, Dusty. Fat m----- f-----. I'm tired of you talking that negative s--- about our team, dog. I found out your Twitter name now m----- f-----. It's a wrap."

Maybe Phillips should have done some research on Rosencrans, who has lived in Cincinnati in 2004, and based on his bio, seems like a pretty decent guy trying to ask a question that is fair game.

"I've also lived here longer than I've lived anywhere else, and hope to be here for a long, long time," he writes on the Cincinnati Enquirer website . "I've adopted you and have been lucky enough to be embraced by many here, giving me reason to call this home."

The Enquirer released a statement acknowledging the incident and said it won't affect the team's coverage.

"Phillips took exception to our analysis concerning his on-base percentage and a follow-up tweet after being moved into the second spot in the lineup," the statement said. "It is a fair subject to consider, and one our readers would expect us to address."

Was Phillips' tirade fair or foul? Tell us in the comments section below.