Athletes can do the right thing

It's probably every business owner's worst nightmare: A malfunctioning lock leaves the store doors unlatched long after it has closed for the evening, prompting four teenagers take notice and step inside.

This was the dilemma recently faced by a business proprietor in Wayne, N.J. -- but, luckily, he learned that not every break-in has to be rooted in mischief.

According to tri-state affiliate News 12 , four football players from William Paterson University recently paid a visit to Buddy's Small Lots on Route 23, just a few miles from the William Paterson campus.

When they got there, they found that the store was closed -- but the doors were not.

But rather than enter the store and ransack the place, which is what store operations manager Marci Lederman feared when she first saw the security footage, the men simply walked in, found what they needed -- some batteries and a speaker cable -- and then left the money for the items by the register.

"Not only did they leave money on the counter," Lederman told News 12, "they counted out the change."

As a reward for the players' honesty, Lederman gave the men a $50 gift card to spend at the store. (No word on whether that's an NCAA rules violation.) It was a small price to pay in exchange for honesty in a situation that could have played out very differently.

"All people are not thieves," Thomas James, one of the men in the security footage, told News 12. "You can't judge people by the way they look."

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