LeBron channels his inner Dr. J

When LeBron James disclosed to FOX Sports' Bill Reiter his top three NBA players of all time in Tuesday night's exclusive 1-on-1, the name that set off the biggest firestorm was Julius Erving. While The King quickly tried to amends by adding Magic Johnson as his fourth member during the interview, it's clear James isn't too concerned about what you think about his choices. Or Dr. J.

Check out what he posted on Instagram on Wednesday :

This how I come out when my name called during intros.

Starting at Forward from Akron Ohio, num 6 LeBron James(announcers voice obviously).

Breaking news. DR.J is making a comeback, Let's go!! #IShouldPlayAGameLikeThisMinusTheFro #HowDidTheyMoveAroundWithTheseShorts

No word on if this was for a commercial shoot, an eff you to the critics, or just the best player on the planet having some fun. But we can't wait to find out the answer.

H/t: Fox Sports Florida