With CBA up at end of season, WNBA players and teams hope rosters will expand next year

Becky Hammon didn't mince words.

With the WNBA's collective bargaining agreement set to expire after the season, the San Antonio All-Star guard knows that roster size needs to be the top item on the agenda.

In the league's last CBA that was ratified in 2008, the player's union agreed to reduce the roster from 13 to 11 players to save money and ensure labor peace. That move has hampered rosters over the past few seasons in both games and practices. Both sides seem to agree that it needs to be addressed this fall.

The impact of the reduced rosters has been extremely prevalent this season with the rash of injuries. No team has been hit worse than the defending champion Indiana Fever, who have routinely had to play with eight or nine players. The Fever have already missed a combined 43 games to injury and the season is barely one-third over.