Washington Wizards 2013 Draft Report Card

The Wizards took Otto Porter, who will be their small forward of the future, with the third pick.

He filled a position of need, and, from Georgetown, Porter will bring some local flare.

Will they regret passing on Nerlens Noel or Ben McLemore? No, Porter is the most NBA-ready guy in the draft. He's a plus-defender with a great mid-range game. Think Golden State's Harrison Barnes with a little more grunt game and less 3-point game.

The Porter selection was perhaps the easiest choice to forecast prior to the draft. Most people had that selection pegged and there's a reason - it made perfect sense.

So many teams try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the draft. They don't want to miss out on the great prospect. All the Wizards did was take a guy ready to contribute tomorrow and stay steady for the remainder of his career.

Does Porter have a ton of upside? No. Is he a case of what you see is what you get? Probably. But he fit the only glaring need for the Wiz. With John Wall and Bradley Beal in place in the backcourt, Porter will be the third perimeter player.

There's just a lot to love about the simplicity, but effectiveness of this choice.

Plus, Glen Rice Jr. in the second round was a steal. He will be a great backup guard after he led his NBA D-League team to a title this past season.

Rice, acquired from the Philadelphia 76ers in a draft night trade, has some character issues. He was kicked off the Georgia Tech basketball team, then went right to the D-League. Rice was sensational there and he has the great genes. His dad, same name, minus the Junior, was an all-time shooter. His son is a good shooter, but a better athlete than his dad was.

Grade: B+