Sacramento Kings 2013 Draft Report Card

McLemore was the second-best prospect according to most. He fell to the Kings at No. 7 and will be the two guard of the future.

His work ethic will need to improve, so thank the Good Lord there's new sheriffs in Sacramento. McLemore dropped, according to most accounts, because he showed up out of shape at pre-draft workouts.

His upside is tremendous as some have compared his shooting touch to Ray Allen, and all the latter has ever done is make the most 3-pointers in the history of the NBA.

McLemore is a good athlete and, without doubt, a steal at seven. The onus is on him now to prove everyone wrong. Does he have that fire in his belly? Doesn't look like it, but he can immediately contribute and is a decent choice as NBA Rookie of the Year.

Also, Ray McCallum in the second round was a nice choice. He's a very capable point guard and since most thought the Kings would go point guard in the first round, that was a strong selection.

The Kings have their fair share of point guards on the roster, but McCallum has a legitimate chance at supplanting them all.

Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro, who has been on the job for about 10 days, had a good night. He lucked into it, but he took a potential future backcourt.

Grade: B+