Orlando Magic 2013 Draft Report Card

The Magic took Victor Oladipo second and he's not a franchise changer, but he's a culture changer.

His work ethic made him sought after by dozens of teams. Oladipo improved in college, but can he do it in the pros? Even if he doesn't, Oladipo could play for my team anytime.

He's a stud defender already and if his shooting continues to trend upward, he could be Luol Deng. Simply, Oladipo is the kind of player every team should fist fight over.

Some reports indicate that teams were. They offered all sorts of things for Orlando's pick.

Again, Oladipo is a franchise cornerstone. He just doesn't do enough offensively. But what he brings to the Magic is his attitude. Hard work is contagious.

The Magic are young and Oladipo could walk in and be a leader. If Orlando trades Arron Afflalo now, Oladipo is the starting two guard. His teammates will see how hard he plays and try to keep up. The Magic are still young. Glen Davis and Jameer Nelson are veterans and they are solid, solid professional athletes.

Good things are coming to Orlando. It may not look like the Magic are amassing world-class talent, because they aren't. But, what they are doing is putting a lot of competitive young men together to grow.

Romero Osby in the second round was kind of a stretch.

Grade: B