Milwaukee Bucks 2013 Draft Report Card

The Milwaukee Bucks went ABBA in Thursday's draft.

They're taking a chance on Giannis Antetokounmpo, who the team took with the 15th pick. He is staying in the United States, but is his game ready for the NBA? Probably not, so that means the 15th pick, for a mediocre team, might not contribute.

Antetokounmpo might be worth the wait. He's a point forward with a slender build, so, with more time, he will gain strength and resemble a professional athlete.

Wolters was a great sneaky pick. He can score and pass and he might be a steal in the second round. Wolters, who played at South Dakota State, could see minutes right away if the Bucks don't straighten out their backcourt.

Monta Ellis is a free agent and Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent. If Milwaukee has its way, Jennings is definitely not going anywhere.

"It's our intention for Brandon Jennings to remain a Milwaukee Buck," Bucks general manager John Hammond said Friday. "We're hoping to negotiate with him fairly through the July process.

"At the conclusion of our negotiations, if we have not reached a deal and they choose to go out and seek an opportunity in the open market, our intention then would still be to match."

So, Jennings will still be a Buck.

Grade: B-