Denver Nuggets 2013 Draft Report Card

The Denver Nuggets traded Rudy Gobert, the man with the wingspan longer than a battleship, for a second-round pick and cash from the Utah Jazz.

Gobert is an intriguing prospect, but wouldn't crack the Nuggets' rotation for some time.

The biggest question facing the Nuggets is whether new coach Brian Shaw will continue old coach George Karl's philosophy of up-tempo, high-scoring chaos.

The personnel dictates that as the prudent play, but Shaw studied under Phil Jackson and Frank Vogel. Neither had anything to do with high-octane except the gas in their cars.

Green fits into a good offense seeing as he led Division I in scoring last season at the University of Virginia. However, at 6-foot-3, is Green a point guard or undersized shooting guard?

Call this a hunch, but I doubt Lauvergne sees an NBA game unless he gets the international ticket in his cable package.

The Nuggets did nothing to get better.

Grade: C