Brooklyn Nets 2013 Draft Report Card

And to one of the biggest developments of draft evening - the Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics megadeal - we go.

The Nets traded most of their bench, Gerald Wallace and three future first- round picks to the Boston Celtics for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry.

Sounds lopsided, right? Maybe, but maybe not.

The Nets landed two future Hall of Famers who are both professionals, leaders and winners. They are perfect fits in Brooklyn.

Here's the mild downside - they will have a three-man bench with Andray Blatche, Reggie Evans and Terry. Maybe first-round pick Mason Plumlee helps right away. And improving the team through the draft will be preposterous considering they mortgaged picks every other year until 2018.

How much better does this trade actually make the Nets in the standings? They were the fourth seed in this postseason. Can they move any higher than that considering the Miami Heat still exist, the Chicago Bulls beat them in the playoffs and get a top-10 player back, and the Indiana Pacers are just better.

So what's the point?

Well, for two years, they may finish fourth in the Eastern Conference, but they improved their chances of advancing past one of those three teams with the acquisition of Garnett and Pierce.

Plus, while the future picks are gone, how high will they be, considering how good Brooklyn should be.

And the other untold aspect of this trade that goes in Brooklyn's favor is that Garnett, Pierce and Terry will all be off the Nets' books before Wallace would've been. They improve in the short-term and managed more flexibility.

Grade: B+