Atlanta Hawks 2013 Draft Report Card

The Atlanta Hawks walked into the draft trying to field a roster basically. They had two first-round picks, traded up to draft two foreign kids.

Nogueira is huge and has great hair. He moved up on a lot of people's boards because of his defensive prowess. He could develop into a big-time shot- blocker.

Schroeder is dazzling. He is jet quick, flashy and can both score and distribute the basketball.

Muscala is polished from Bucknell. Some thought he might sneak into the first round. He might be the most NBA-ready of these four picks.

Neto won't be in the NBA this season.

There are some interesting prospects in this litter, but no one blows you away. That could be indicative of the draft itself, but Atlanta did not substantially improve itself.

The Hawks are going to lose a ton of free agents in the offseason. They wanted to make a move on Dwight Howard, but it's starting to look like they are afterthoughts on that front.

The Hawks were in a tough spot, having average picks in this below-average draft. But they didn't make enough of a splash, although keep an eye on Schroeder.

Grade: C+