Big Ten partners with Holiday Bowl

The Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences agreed to a new six-year partnership with the Holiday Bowl beginning in 2014, bowl officials announced on Monday.

The Big Ten, which previously had a tie-in with the San Diego-based game from 1992-94, will replace the Big 12 as the Pac-12's opponent.

The Holiday Bowl will now have the second pick from the Pac-12 after the newly formed College Football Playoff has its structure per selection guidelines established by the conference. The Alamo Bowl has the first selection of remaining teams, with the Rose Bowl to take the league champion against the Big Ten champ.

The Big Ten's team for the Holiday Bowl will be determined after discussions between all bowl and team officials to create the best matchup.

"We are entering a new and exciting time for the Holiday Bowl," said Bill Geppert, 2013 bowl president. "In the ever-changing world of college football, we are excited to begin this new chapter that will no doubt provide a huge economic impact to San Diego as our community welcomes thousands of college football fans to our beautiful city every December."

The Pac-12, entering its 16th year of partnership with the Holiday Bowl, extended its current relationship for six years through 2019.

Also included in the new agreement is the stipulation that the Holiday Bowl cannot have the same team appear in its game more than twice during the six- year span.

The Big Ten has appeared in the bowl a total of nine times over its history, while the Pac-12 has had eight of its current members appear in the contest.