Cup bid brings out Blackhawks fans who don't know difference between icing call, cake topping

It's the Stanley Cup finals, and that means that die-hard hockey fans are seeing a lot more people cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks who don't know the blue line on the ice from the Blue Line train that runs through the city.

Fans say it's simply not possible that there are as many hockey-crazed people in Chicago as there are people wearing Blackhawks gear. Bartenders say they're having to explain the rules of the game more often — as well as that those newly bought "jerseys" are actually called sweaters.

Longtime fans say they're happy to have the company, until the newbies start sharing their analysis of the games.

The Blackhawks hold a 1-0 lead in the best-of-seven series with the Boston Bruins. Game 2 is Saturday night.