“Big Papi” is speaking out and letting people know it’s unfair to tie his recent hit fest to performance enhancing drugs.

David Ortiz, the Boston Red Sox designated hitter, is having a career resurgence of sorts, leading some critics, media and fans to accuse him of partaking in the use of PEDs, an accusation he denies.

"You're going to make me look like that just because I'm hitting good through 15 games?" Ortiz told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez. "I mean, it makes no sense."

Ortiz, 37, responded to a question by Gomez about accusations raised by a Boston Globe article.

Recently Ortiz had a 27-game hit streak snapped and has a .381 batting average with four home runs.

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He told Gomez essentially he just can’t win with the media and was confused by it.

“It confuses me sometimes,” Ortiz told Gomez. “At this point in my career, [at what point do we please the] fans or [please] a reporter?

He added: "I have bad Aprils [and] they bury me, or some reporter buries me because of that. I have a good April [and] it's bad, too."

Ortiz was accused of using PEDs in 2003 by The New York Times in 2009.

Ortiz voiced his support to Major League Baseball’s drug testing and said he was tested this past Tuesday.

The Red Sox leader asked Gomez for an explanation on what he needed to do to make everyone happy.

“I’d like someone to explain to me [what we as players have to do] for them to be happy or for us to be in the right spot,” Ortiz said.

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