UFC’s Cain Velasquez: Cormier To Drop To 205, Beat Jon Jones

In an interview with Fox 11's James Koh, UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez talks about his upcoming rematch with Antonio "Big Foot" Silva, Chael Sonnen's trash talk and how his teammate, Daniel Cormier, is potentially dropping down to light heavyweight to be a challenger to dominate champion Jon Jones.

Velasquez was first asked whether he could foresee a super-fight between himself and Jones at a catchweight.

"Yeah, if it all came down to it where there wasn't anyone else for me to fight in my division and him (Jones) in his division," Velasquez said. "But with Daniel Cormier going into his weight class that will definitely play a factor because I think Daniel Cormier can beat him.  To me, it's holding the belt, whoever they put in front of me, my goal is to go out there, perform, win and hold that belt."

For a man of very few words, and even fewer derisive words for his opponents, Velasquez said he actually enjoys the antics of Chael Sonnen, a man many fans and pundits have criticized for using trash talk, not merit, to gain title opportunities.


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"If it works for them, why not?" Velasquez said.  "I think he uses it in a good way.  For me, I think it's funny how he talks trash."

Reacting to the UFC's cutting of Jon Fitch, Velasquez said he was disappointed on the move.

"With Jon (Fitch), I think he is exciting for his style of fighting because I know the wrestling, I know the jiu jitsu and all the wrestling he does out there, that definitely excites me because I know a lot of it," Velasquez said.  "I think a lot of the fans out there definitely want to see more striking on the feet, on the ground but it's a well-rounded sport you need to be a fan of everything."

But even though Velasquez is a gifted grappler himself, he's never been labeled a "boring" fighter with nine of his 11 wins coming by way of knockout or referee stoppage.  In his most recent victory vs. then-champion Junior Dos Santos, Velasquez battered the Brazilian into a bloody, swollen, unrecognizable mask.

"I'm always looking to strike, score points, if the submission is there I'll definitely take it but my preference is to basically strike when I'm down there," Velasquez said.  "That makes it exciting. That's why I got into the sport because wrestling wasn't enough.  I need to hit somebody."

Velasquez defends his title in a rematch with Antonio Silva at UFC 160 which will take place in late May at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

"He's on a two-fight winning streak, he just knocked out Alistair Overeem, a huge victory," Velasquez said.  "You can't underestimate anyone in this sport, everything's so close with the little gloves and all of that."

"The most important thing for us is just to be quicker than him," Velasquez said of Silva. "He's really fast if you stand right in front of him, so being faster than him, moving in and out will be the key."

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