Labor talks go into the night

For a second straight day, NHL owners and players engaged in lengthy talks in an effort to end the nearly three-month lockout.

After meeting for nearly eight hours on Tuesday, the two sides went at it for even longer on Wednesday.

The talks adjourned shortly after 1 a.m. ET.

Wednesday began with a short session before a Board of Governors meeting. The two sides met again in the afternoon and went long into the night.

For a second straight day, the group meetings were held without commissioner Gary Bettman and union chief Donald Fehr, although both were part of internal discussions.

Bettman spoke briefly after the Board of Governors meeting, but didn't give any details on the CBA negotiations

"We are pleased with the process that is ongoing," Bettman said. "Out of respect for that process, I don't have anything else to say and I'm not going to take any questions."

The two sides reportedly exchanged proposals Wednesday and are expected to resume talks on Thursday.

The two warring factions met twice last week with the involvement of federal mediators, but the process was unsuccessful as it had been during the 2004-05 lockout.

The current work stoppage, which began Sept. 16, has already forced the cancellation of regular-season games through Dec. 14, as well as the Winter Classic and All-Star Weekend.