First season of Weis regime nets single victory, none in Big 12, despite vast improvement

If Charlie Weis had his druthers, he wouldn't have accompanied his team back to Kansas on Saturday night. He would have hopped on the next plane to Texas or Florida or California or some other recruiting hotbed.

After watching West Virginia's Geno Smith torch his Jayhawks in a 59-10 defeat to West Virginia that left Kansas 1-11 and 0-9 in the Big 12, it became painfully evident what is lacking in Lawrence: Talent. Speed. Guys who can make plays on both sides of the ball.

Weis said late Saturday that he has no intention of reflecting on his first season in charge of the Jayhawks. Instead, he'll be looking for recruits to plug holes on both sides of the ball.

Said Weis: "I'm fully aware of our deficiencies."