Golf instruction ... simplified


How many times have you read that this will cure that? Or, did you read that instructors column on how to fix your slice, or hook, etc...?

Well, a product has come out on the golf scene that should revolutionize the most important aspect of the game ... putting.

That's right.

If you think about it, putting, if you're a serious player, takes up almost half of your strokes in a given round. If you two-putted each hole, that's 36 strokes.

Most of us hackers would be thrilled with just 36 putts in a round. Well, now you'll be able to improve on your number.

The Perfect Plane Putting Arc Training Board is the ultimate instructor as you attempt to lower your scores and make more putts.

The key is the design, which teaches a player the correct stroke path and develops a consistent and repeated stroke, over and over again.

Isn't that the top ingredient for anything we do in sports, whether it be golf, tennis, baseball, etc.? Repeat, repeat, repeat. And it's so simple.

One of the most respected golf instructors of all time, Rick Smith, who's taught some of the greatest players in the history of golf, such as Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh, has plenty to say on the Perfect Plane.

"To be a great putter, you have to have great face alignment, a good impact position, where the clubface is going down the intended line and a good path and I use the Perfect Plane for this," Smith said. "It really helps me to aim correctly and it also gives me the proper feeling of the proper path for when I make a stroke. This is a great, great teaching tool."

Just place the apparatus on the ground and anchor with a couple of tees and you're ready to go. The shape of the device allows the putter to align on a correct plane or path to facilitate the exact balance of the stroke.

Place an additional two tees in the face of the product and you can lengthen or shorten your stroke and continuously maintain your path.

Best of all, you don't need to go to the range or indoor practice facility. This all can be done out of your garage, driveway or even your bedroom ... if the wife will allow it.

You know what they say, "practice makes perfect," and in this case, the Perfect Plane will get you there.

It's as simple as that.

When one of the most respected instructors in the country stands behind a product like this, you need to take notice.

For more information on where to pick up the Perfect Plane, you're just one key stroke away: