African Cup qualifier in Senegal suspended after fans riot in loss to Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast players and supporters were escorted by police out of Leopold Sedar Senghor Stadium after Senegal fans rioted with their team losing the African Cup of Nations qualifying match that was suspended Saturday.

The violence erupted after Didier Drogba scored his second goal from the penalty spot for Ivory Coast, giving the visitors a 2-0 lead in the second-leg match and 6-2 aggregate advantage.

A fan ran onto the field heading for Drogba before his kick and was stopped. After the goal, Senegalese supporters began lighting fires in the stands, causing a haze of smoke over the stadium. The Senegalese Press Agency reported one of the game officials was hit by a projectile.

Senegal fans attacked Ivorian supporters and police fired tear gas into the stands.

Dozens of Ivorian fans were encouraged to evacuate onto the field, where both teams congregated in the middle.

The match was suspended in the 76th minute and abandoned 45 minutes later.

Cars were driven onto the field to take away Ivorian fans, to try and prevent them from being attacked by angry Senegalese, and the Ivory Coast team was hustled out by police holding shields.