Boston Marathon May Allow "Blade Runners" After Oscar Pistorius' Olympics

South Africa's Oscar Pistorius has inspired the world and earned a really cool nickname thanks to his performances in London. But could he run in the Boston Marathon? Maybe not right now, but his Olympics participation may open up that opportunity to others like him.

The double-amputee has famously fought for his ability to compete against "able-bodied" runners with his prosthetic legs, petitioning the IAAF, track's governing body, on the grounds that his prostheses offer him no competitive advantage. And if that's what the IAAF thinks, the people who run the Boston Marathon might be compelled to listen.

Boston Athletic Association Executive Director Tom Grilk told the Herald, "At the BAA, we adhere to the rules of USA Track & Field and the IAAF concerning athletes competing with a prosthesis. If those organizations don’t find that his ‘blades’ afford any competitive advantage — as they have indeed found — we will be well-pleased to adhere to their findings."

Pistorius probably won't be competing in Boston anytime soon - running 26.2 miles might just mess up his training for the slightly shorter 400m races he competes in, just a little bit - but this would obviously be yet another victory for disabled athletes.

Pistorius' work in London isn't done, as he hopes to medal in Friday's 4x400m relay.

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