Usain Bolt Owns These Olympics

Usain Bolt is the biggest story at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Here are five reasons why.

Every show has to have a star, and the headliner of the Summer Olympics is Usain Bolt. Hell, it was Usain Bolt even before the track and field events began. When two million people request to see your event -- an event that isn't even your best -- it's your name on the marquee.

Some would argue someone from America with more medals should be treated as the face of these Games. I could see why someone would say that, but that wouldn't make it anymore ridiculous.

Just how ridiculous would it be? That's what "Bomani & Jones" is here for, to explain how the confluence of Bolt, London and Jamaican history made this stage his, no matter what happens the rest of this Olympiad.

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