Olympic Wrestling: Where Not Even Coaches Are Safe

On Tuesday, Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler Tamas Lorincz of Hungary got to live out his dream. I'm not talking about his silver medal in the men's 66kg competition. No, I'm talking about something much more precious to all amateur wrestlers: getting to body-slam your coach.

Lorincz had just defeated Manuchar Tskhadaia of Georgia in the semifinals to ensure he would be wrestling for the gold medal. He was so elated that he celebrated in the only way that made sense: He body-slammed the hell out of his coach.

The still photo of the slam is even more impressive:

(via US Presswire)

His coach was a pretty good sport about the whole ordeal. I like this reverse angle, where the coach gets body- slammed right out of existence while the assistant coach, J. Peterman, looks on in horror.

If this was pro wrestling, of course, Lorincz would have hit his coach with a chair and then set off some fireworks. Or maybe they'll do that after they get back to Hungary. I'm not familiar with their customs.

Lorincz eventually lost in the gold medal final to Hyeonwoo Kim of Korea, but the memory of that coach-slam will last a lifetime.

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