Germany wins 2 more canoe sprint golds

Germany captured two more gold medals Thursday morning in canoe sprint events at the London Olympics, while wins also came for Hungary and Australia.

Germans Peter Kretschmer and Kurt Kuschela beat defending Olympic champions Andrei and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich of Belarus to win the men's 1,000-meter C2, finishing in 3 minutes, 33.804 seconds.

Kretschmer and Kuschela rallied from third place after the first 750 meters, crossing 1.402 seconds ahead of the brothers. Russia's Alexey Korovashkov and Ilya Pervukhin took bronze.

Germans Franziska Weber and Tina Dietze won the women's 500-meter K2 kayak event in 1:42.213. Hungary's Katalin Kovacs and Natasa Douchev-Janics were second and Poland's Karolina Naja and Beata Mikolajczyk finished third.

Australians Tate Smith, Dave Smith, Murray Stewart and Jacob Clear won the men's 1,000-meter K4 kayak race in 2:55.085 after leading at each 250-meter mark.

Hungary's Zoltan Kammerer, David Toth, Tamas Kulifai and Daniel Pauman came in second and Czechs Daniel Havel, Lukas Trefil, Josef Dostal and Jan Sterba won bronze.

Hungary's Danuta Kozak won gold in the women's 500-meter K1 in 1:51.456 with Ukranian Inna Osypenko-Radomska finishing second and South Africa's Bridgitte Hartley coming in third.

Germany has six medals so far in canoe sprint, including three golds. Hungary has five medals and three golds.