VIDEO: Usain Bolt Going For A Windmill Dunk, Because Why Not?

After another stunning 100M victory, there's a lot of talk this morning about whether Usain Bolt could play in the NFL. But what about the NBA? He's 6'5, faster than anyone on earth, and has a history of half-assing it in meaningless competitions, then turning it on when it counts.

Why couldn't this work?

A few years ago the World's Fastest Man had a audition before a Celtics game.

1. He definitely, definitely can't play in the NBA.

2. I wish there were more superstar athletes willing to disgrace themselves playing another sport. Wouldn't it be fun to watch Kevin Durant play golf and Tiger Woods play basketball?

3. So yeah, Bolt gets bonus points for the effort here. And for the record, even though he missed the dunk and will never play in the NBA, it would be so so great to have an NBA player who had the Excited Kangaroo Dribble that Bolt's working with over there. One day, maybe. Until then we'll have to settle for Usain Bolt doing insane stuff like this.

(Via HoopsHype and your man, our man, everyman, Dan Devine)