USA Vs. Canada, 2012 Olympics: Extra Time Coming Up

This match has been so awesome that they have to give us another 30 minutes. After 90 minutes filled with goals, drama, breathtaking play, mind-numbing strikes, near misses, awful refereeing and Christine Sinclair and Megan Rapinoe taking turns playing the role of "Most Interesting Woman in the World", the United States and Canada are still tied so they will head to extra time at 3-3.

Put simply, this match has been pants on head crazy. There really is no other way to put it. Sinclair scored first, then Rapinoe answered with an Olimpico. Sinclaur would not stop there, though, scoring to put Canada back in front, but Rapinoe had one more great shot in her, ripping one off the post and in to tie things again. There was still more from Sinclair, too, who got her hat trick with yet another goal. Finally, a gift from the referee put Abby Wambach on the penalty spot and she converted to tie the match one more time and force extra time.

Amazingly, all of that is maybe half of the drama. Seriously, this is nuts.