USA Vs. Canada, 2012 Olympics: Abby Wambach's Penalty Levels

In a match that has been wild, amazing, breathtaking and pretty much anything else you can come up with, it also now has controversy. Well, it's had controversy, thanks to a referee who is woefully out of her depth, but now it has resulted in a goal and an equalizing one at that. After the rare six second call, the referee awarded the United States a penalty, which Abby Wambach converted to get the Americans level with Canada at 3-3 late on at Old Trafford.

For those who don't know what a six second call is, it does not mean you don't watch much soccer. A goalkeeper is theoretically not allowed to hold a ball for more than six seconds, but they do dozens of times per match and it is never called. It might as well not be in the rulebook. But somehow, for some reason, this referee decided to call Erin McLeod for holding the ball for more than six seconds even though she didn't hold it for that long.

The result of the call was a indirect free kick in the box, which Megan Rapinoe hit right at a Canadian and off of her arm for a penalty. Wambach wasn't about to miss from the spot and she didn't, hitting it hard and low to beat McLeod. Now things are tied again, but not without controversy.