VIDEO: Jags Fans, Players Watch Sanya Richards-Ross Win Gold

The Jacksonville Jaguars are making all the right moves, at least when it comes to how they've handled the Olympics. By now you probably know that Jags corner Aaron Ross is the husband of US Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross, a world-class track athlete. Aaron Ross is in London to watch her compete, and the Jags allowed him to take some time off, away from training camp, to be at the Olympics in person.

And on Saturday, as Richards-Ross ran for gold, the Jags set up a pretty cool event.

Here's video of the Jags and their fans watching Richards-Ross win gold. I believe it was just after practice had concluded for the day.

Via Big Cat Country

My favorite part of the video has to be the mascot streaking towards the goalposts as Richards-Ross closes in on the finish line. The fans cheering, the players watching intently and a mascot being ... well, a mascot, makes this a pretty great moment.

Job well done, Jaguars. And congrats to Sanya Richards-Ross and her proud husband.