Usain Bolt Is As Respectful As He Is Fast

Usain Bolt cut off an interviewer following his blistering performance in the 100m finals on Sunday, but it was for a good reason. You see, Bolt was aware of his surroundings and realized there was a medal ceremony going on. The interviewer didn't recognize the song in the background, so Bolt politely stopped the interview, told her Sanya Richards-Ross was receiving her gold, and stood respectfully as the Star Spangled Banner played.

Pretty awesome to see that Bolt didn't want to take away from someone else's moment, even if he likely wouldn't have impacted anything by simply doing an interview. On the track, he's brash, even cocky, and ever a showman. But off it ... well, he seems pretty nice.

And this was a cool moment that fits in with the whole Olympic Spirit thing. The athletes all compete fiercely when events are going on, but the hope is that they're all polite and respectful when the competition ceases.

Job well done by Bolt.