Aceves upset at umpiring call

After giving up the go-ahead three-run homer to Joe Mauer in top of the ninth in a gut-wrenching 6-4 loss to the Twins at Fenway Park, Red Sox closer Alfredo Aceves unleashed some frustration toward home plate umpire David Rackley for not calling a third strike that would've ended the game. Instead, after the 2-2 pitch at the knees was called just outside, setting up a 3-2 fastball down the middle that Mauer didn't miss, driving it over the Monster in left.

"I have nothing to say to that," Aceves said when asked how tough a loss the 6-4 setback was. "I felt good. I felt good. Why don't you ask the umpire how much he missed the pitch before, ask him.

"It's part of the game, mistakes. I think [missed strike call] was a mistake. I made a mistake on the next pitch and it cost us the game."

Aceves said afterward that teammates Cody Ross and Carl Crawford came up to him in the dugout after the home run after gave him support.

"Everybody knows each other and we try to support each other," Aceves said. "That's how we do. Cody after talked to me and CC told me, 'Let's go man. Don't let those umpires take away our game.' I'm focused on my job and what to do. That's it."

Aceves brushed off questions about how disappointed and frustrated he was.

"No, I'm healthy," Aceves said. "I'm not going to frustrate myself. For what? Nothing about that, not frustrated. I have my parents. They're really cool."

Aceves came on in the eighth inning, facing a bases-loaded, none out situation, with the Red Sox leading, 2-1. He allowed only a sacrifice fly to Justin Morneau.

"I mean, I tried to but I couldn't strike him out," Aceves said. "I think in New York, in the same situation, bases loaded, I'm not going to let the guys tie the game or nothing. I couldn't control that and they scored."

Aceves threw 34 pitches and was staked with the loss.

"Every game is important. Whatever game is done, is done," he said.