2012 Olympics, Men's 100m In Photos: From Start To Usain Bolt's Blazing Finish


Published August 05, 2012

| SBNation

We've seen the video of Usain Bolt's 100m win. We've watched the GIFs of Bolt doing his thing. And now it's time to check out the still shots.

There's something about the way photography wonderfully captures moments. Sure, we can watch things in motion in a variety of way, but stills -- the freeze frame -- adds even more detail. And with hundreds of cameras trained on Bolt and the track for the 100m race, there were some superb shots.

This is how it all began. And while a lot was made of Usain Bolt's slow start, you can actually see that he got out of the blocks first. Also, this is an amazing photo.

via Adam Pretty / Getty Images

And from another angle:

via Richard Mackson / USA Today

And a third angle:

via John David Mercer / USA Today

As noted everywhere, Bolt wasn't exactly flying out of the blocks. In fact, he was bunched up with the rest of the field in the opening moments.

via Richard Mackson / USA Today

This next shot comes right after Bolt turned it on. It took him a bit to get up to speed, but once he did, it was on. Check out the length of his stride.

I just thought the way this one was framed was cool.

via Richard Mackson / USA Today

The angle here may be a little funky, but look at how big a lead Bolt opened up.

via Richard Mackson / USA Today

Check the finish out. As everyone strains and struggles behind him, Bolt is already looking over at the clock, a good step ahead of the field.

Via Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

And from another angle:

via Leo Mason / USA Today

And finally, the mascot celebration. Really the best way to top this race off.

via John David Mercer / USA Today

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