Switzerland's Nicola Spirig Wins Women's Triathlon In Photo Finish

Switzerland's Nicola Spirig won the women's triathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics on Saturday, out-sprinting Sweden's Lisa Norden and beating her in a photo finish so close that both celebrated, each thinking they had won. Officially they crossed the finish line at the exact same time -- 1:59:48.00 -- but Spirig was awarded the gold medal after a photo review:

(Handout photo by Omega via Getty Images)

Australia's Erin Densham won the bronze medal, finishing just 0.02 seconds behind the first two. All three medalists collapsed to the ground, exhausted after sprinting through the triathlon, an event that requires a 1,500-meter swim, a 43km (26.7-mile) bike bike and a 10km run. American Sarah Groff just missed a medal, finishing fourth -- the top-12 finishers were all within two seconds of each other.

Norden and Spirig were part of the leading group in the final transition, from bike to run, and stayed in the front during the 6.2-mile run through Hyde Park. Spirig pulled away with just 50 meters remaining and seemingly had the win secured, but in the final 20 meters, Norden chased her down, creating the photo finish. Spirig's win was her country's first medal of the 2012 Games.

Men's triathlon, where Great Britain's Brownlee brothers are expected to dominate, is set for Tuesday.

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