Olympic Judo: Lucie Decosse Wins Women's 70-kg Gold Medal For France

Lucie Decosse put on a dominant performance in the gold medal match of the women's 70-kilogram judo match at the 2012 London Olympics, defeating Germany's Kerstin Thiele by a final score of 12-0.

Decosse, the world's top-ranked judoka at 70 kilograms and a silver medal winner in Beijing in the 63-kilogram division, scored 10 points with an ouchi gari just over a minute into the match before picking up a pair of yukos as the match progressed. Thiele was unable to muster any throws that warranted a point.

Bronze medals were awarded to Edith Bosch of the Netherlands as well as Colombia's Yuri Alvear to round out the medals for the 70-pound division. Bosch was defeated by Thiele in the semifinals whereas Alvear was dispatched in the same round by Decosse on her way to eventually winning the gold medal.

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