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Nike Commercials Encourage You To 'Find Your Greatness'

Beginning way back with "Just Do It" and Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon -- if not before -- Nike has never been a slouch in terms of creating dynamic, engaging commercials for their product. During the 2012 Olympics in London, Nike unveiled a new set of commercials with their new slogan and theme, "Find Your Greatness."

The initial commercial has a payoff that is refreshingly unexpected.

There are a number of other, shorter commercials in the campaign as well, featuring some pretty impressive athletic feats. Like this one, featuring some badass wushu skills:

And this one, featuring something that -- if left to, say, Doritos or Mountain Dew -- may very well have been referred to as "EXTREEEEEME TUBE-WATCHING":

Actually, this pogo-stick guy is probably more extreme.

This is probably all a part of Nike's master plan to make "flipping on a pogo stick between shipping containers" an Olympic sport by 2016. Hey, makes more sense than dressage.

For more on the London 2012 games, check out SB Nation's 2012 Olympics hub.

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