South Korea's Kim Wins Gold In Men's 81kg Judo

South Korea’s Kim Jae-Bum won the gold medal in men’s half-middleweight judo (81kg) defeating Ole Bischof of Germany in the finals, scoring twice by yuko (a throw which places an opponent on their side).

Kim got revenge for the Beijing gold medal match in 2008, which he lost to Bischof. Since that time he has established himself as the top judoka at this weight class, winning gold at both the 2010 and 2011 World Judo Championships. Bischof has fallen off somewhat since his 2008 gold, but had a strong performance to earn a somewhat unexpected silver.

The bronze medals were captured by Russia’s Ivan Nifontov and Antoine Valois-Fortier of Canada. Valois-Fortier beat American Travis Stevens in his bronze medal match after Stevens lost a close match to Bischof in the semifinals. Nifonotov defeated Japan’s Takahiro Nakai in his bronze match, making this the first men’s judo event of 2012 in which Japan has failed to medal.

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